Flowtec-Pool and Spa Leak Detection Services

Flowtec provides many services associated with pool and spa repairs.

Leaks happen for lots of reasons. At Flowtec, we understand the urgency that comes when you have discovered a leak.

We pride ourselves on using only the latest state of the art highly proficient leak detection equipment. Providing our customers with efficient, professional, speedy and accurate results pinpointing your leaks location and depth.

State of the art equipment

When it comes to detecting leaks in water pipes here at the leak trackers we use the latest state of the art electro acoustic equipment.

Flowtec Leak Detection Services

Flowtec leak detection services specialise in swimming pool leak detection for all types of pools including concrete, fibreglass and vinyl lined pools.

What services we provide:

. Leak detection (Pipe pressure testing and structural testing)
. Pipe leak location
. Pipe repairs
. Shell stage pipe pressure testing (New Pools)
. Underwater repairs
. Hydrostatic valve replacements
. General pool problem solving
. Pump priming issues and equipment air leaks
. Clearing blocked main drains and plumbing lines
. Skimmer box and plastic repairs
. Equipment Relocations



Our dedicated staff will come to your site and evaluate your leaking pool or spa. We will repair the leak and provide a follow up service. If you are looking for a superior quality service from Dick where you will deal direct with your leak detection specialist finished on time and within your budget, then contact Dick on : 1300 556 465