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Established in 2004, we are Melbourne & Victoria’s leading pool leak detection specialists

We specialise in locating and repairing leaks in swimming pools

Over 40 years combined experience within the swimming pool industry

Our qualified and experienced staff are renowned for our problem solving abilities

We are able to provide solutions to rectify problems with swimming pools and spas

Think you have a pool leak?

our services include

Pipework Test

Through pressure testing of each pool pipe we are able to confirm if any pipes are leaking. With the use of ground microphones we can then further investigate and pinpoint the exact location of these hidden below ground leaks.

Structural Testing

With the pool full of water, we can carry out a test of the pool structure to identify any leaks that may exist in the pool shell or associated fittings like skimmers, lights and main drains. Structure testing can be undertaken on any type of pool, whether its vinyl, fibreglass or concrete construction.

Underground Pipe Work Repairs

Skimmer and main drain blockages are very common. With the use of compressed air and cameras we are able to resolve most pipe blockages with out the need for excavation or more invasive works. We specialise in main drain blockages that are very common with “self cleaning” systems.

Once pinpointed, our team can take care of your leaking pipe repair. Accurate testing means that our technician can disturb as small an area as possible to carry out a pipe repair. Whether is under concrete, paving or lawn we can quickly and cleanly repair and re-instate the area.

Shell Stage Pipe Testing

We offer preventative pressure testing of plumbing throughout construction stages. A lot can happen on a building site, accidental pipe damage or fittings overlooked and left unglued. By pressure testing the pipes at construction, any potential leaks can be identified and fixed before surrounding concrete or landscaping is laid.

Shell Stage Pipe Testing

With over 55 years of collective knowledge and over 2 decades in the industry there is not much we haven’t seen. Our services include troubleshooting and assessments of any hydraulic issues your pool may have, from flow restrictions to complicated syphoning problems.



2018 SPASA Gold Award Winner for The Best Pool & Spa Service Business

Flowtec Leak Detection Services was awarded the Gold Award for the Best Pool and Spa Service Business in Victoria at the SPASA Award of Excellence Gala held at the MCG in July 2018

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