These are the most common questions we get from our customers about swimming pool leaks:

Most pools lose up to 7-8mm of water per day in summer due to evaporation. If your pool is losing more than that you likely have a leak in your pool. If you are unsure, we recommend that you set up a simple evaporation bucket test in your pool (see our evaporation/bucket test page)

As every pool is different, it is hard to give a general price for locate where you pool is leaking. Please contact our office and we will ask you a few questions to give you an approximate cost for locating you leak.

For the health and safety of our technicians, the pool water needs to be full, clear and balanced for us to be able to complete our leak detection tests. Our divers will not enter a pool if it unsafe or if we can not perform our detection work adequately.

The two main areas where a pool will leak is either in the pool plumbing pipes or in the pool structure.

Using specialised equipment, we are able to pressurise the pool plumbing pipes to determine which pipe is leaking and then locate the position of the leak underground. To locate pool structure leaks, our qualified divers will leak trace around the structure of the pool to locate underwater leaks

Flowtec Leak Detection is able to repair the majority of pool leaks. If the repair is minor, we are usually able to repair on the same day as the detection visit. For a more involved repair (i.e. underground pipe repair) we will need to return on a different day to repair.

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