Is your pool actually leaking

Is it a pool leak or is it only evaporation?

Every swimming pool loses water to evaporation

A pool may loose up to 7-8mm per day on a hot summers day

A pool may lose 0.5mm per day on a clear winters day.

The main factors that effect water evaporation rates are:

  • The pool water temperature
  • The surrounding air temperature
  • The pool surface area
  • Wind
  • Humidity

The Bucket Test - How to find out if your pool is leaking

If you are not sure if yoor pool has high evaporation or if your pool is leaking, try a simple 24 hour bucket test.

1. Top up the pool to the normal operational height

2. Fill a bucket with water to 3 -5cm from the top of the bucket

3. Place bucket on first or second step of pool, sitting the bucket in the pool water.

4. Mark water level on the inside of the bucket with tape or marker

5. Turn off all pool pumps

6. Mark the water level on outside of bucket with tape or marker

7. Turn on all pool pumps and run the pool equipment as normal for 24 hours

8. Turn off all pool pumps and check bucket test

9. If the pool loses more than the bucket you have a leak.

Flowtec Leak Detection Services

Bucket test confirmed your pool is leaking?